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So, you are thinking about joining our great guild.

The following outlines what you will need and what we will expect of you. Please review the sections carefully and seek the advise of your sponsor or any senior member for the answer to any questions you may have.
Section 1 – WHAT WILL YOU DO?
House McFionn is a working army guild representing life in the 16th century. We portray a traveling mercenary army with all the trappings which include entertainment, craft working, daily rituals and, of course, fighting.

All of our members help with some chores. You will be asked to tend the gate, help the staff with cooking and clean up, and if you have a special talent, to present yourself for singing, dancing, crafts, spinning, weaving, etc.

We encourage you to develop a character you can portray. This can be anything from a private in the army, a serving wench, or some exotic person who we collected along our distant travels. We will help you with suggestions. All characters are subject to final approval by Lord and Lady McFionn.
Section 2 – WHAT IS A TYPICAL DAY? Sign Up Form
The house supports many faire events. We often march in the main procession (or sometimes attack it for ransom). Each afternoon, we are featured as a main army in the battle pageant. We present at least one dance show on one of the stages each day. In between events, we retreat to the compound where we take turns demonstrating some phase of our daily life (crafts, story telling, weaving, etc.).

Our day begins around sunrise when we wake and gather for coffee or cocoa around the fire. At about nine, we assemble in the main pavilion for a large group breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon, hash and fruit are the usual fare.

By ten o’clock, we are dressed and ready to great the public. We may have a dance show around eleven, or be called to some adventure with other guilds.

Lunch is served just after noon and is a generous heaping of cold cuts, cheeses, breads, fruit, (you get the picture). Battle muster usually falls just after one o’clock with the march out to battle around two. By three o’clock, we are usually back at the compound ready for another adventure or a turn at greeting the public at the front gate.

On Saturday around six o’clock, we are presented with a fine dinner that differs each faire. We will accommodate your specific diet, but plan to eat well. Our staff is renowned as the finest cooks at faire and they pile on the food. Whether it be tri-tip, roast turkey or charbroiled hens (we have even had duck) we never run out of food before the House is filled.

All members are expected to support the House when we are on stage or at battle. You may participate as the audience during our dance. Both lads and lasses can participate in the battle pageant either as fighters, drummers, banner bearers or water bearers. When you are not involved with an event, you may be scheduled for dish duty or gate duty (we all do it). Otherwise, you are free to go shopping, or create mayhem in the streets.
For starters, you will need approved clothing suitable to your character. Remember that we are Irish, not English or French, so that outfit you wore to faire may not be suitable. Clothing can be obtained from faire vendors. Or, several of the House McFionn members can make you an outfit for a small price.

You will need tableware. We will feed you, but you must have your own mug/cup, plate or dish and some form of spoon, knife and/or fork. You will be expected to clean your own utensils after each meal.

If you plan to stay overnight in the compound, you will need a tent and sleeping gear. We stress that you obtain a period tent so that you can camp right out in the front. However, until you acquire period gear, you may use a pop up tent as long as it is not visible during the day.

Some space may be available behind the main pavilion that is out of sight lines and allows tents to remain up all day. But when that space is not available, you can set your pop up in the front as long as you tear it down before faire opens each day.